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Mixed Media on canvas, stretched and framed in raw oak float frame ready to hang.

Framed Dimensions 105cm (w) x 125cm (h) x 4cm (d)

Signed on lower right hand corner accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


This piece is about a feeling of peace and serenity one gets when they are in the landscape. It depicts large rocks at the waters edge, a waterhole. The colour palette is soothing but complex with layers of colour both opaque and translucent.

I have used crayon and oil pastel to create a variety of line. I apply paint and then lift it off in areas to reveal areas of translucency that contrast with more opaque areas. This all helps to create a feeling of depth. The rocks have a translucent almost reflective quality to them, as though water is running over them. Theres lots of different mark making to explore in this piece. The scratchings reveal underneath layers and range from strong and rigorous to much more delicate lines and meanderings.


A landscape in portrait mode, this artwork would sit comfortably in both a residential or corporate situation.

A Deep Breath

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