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Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

152cm (w) x 92cm (h) x 3.5cm (d)

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.


This artwork was purely about the joy of colour and abstract shapes and how those simple things can trigger memories. Although I didn't set out to paint this in particular, this painting reminds me of the Mountain Goat enclosure at Taronga Zoo. I see big boulders with thin ledges where the mountain goats stand precariously. I love how agile they are as they jump between the rocks. I see a mountain goat descending the vertical rock face.
The colours in this painting are joyful, the design is eye catching. Ive had a lot of fun creating this piece and I think it shows. There are lots of crayon lines and while the colour palette looks simple at first glance there is lots of subtle variation to discover up close.

This painting may not trigger the same memory or recognisable shapes to everyone but it will trigger a sense of joy and lighten up any room in which it hangs.

In The Balance

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