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This artwork is all about lights, reflections and fun in the pool at night. It triggers memories of a pool party where the grandchildren were full of excitement at being able to swim at night. We had adults on guard in the pool, adults on guard at the side of the pool and all was a blur of splashes, pool noodles, kids squealing, arms flailing.

Looking back at the photos it was difficult to discern anything in particular but it was easy to see that everyone was having fun.

My paintings are started with an energetic layering of colour with the focus on mark making and brushstrokes that depict movement. The constant layering and varying of shapes creates complex colour mixes and depth within the piece. This piece in particular has some geometric qualities.

The colour palette is striking and the design draws you in to investigate further where you will find complexities of colour and mark making.
Framed in a black wooden float frame, this piece would look fabulous in any living room in your home or apartment.


Acrylic Paint on wood, ready to hang.

Image Size 90cm wide x 120cm high

Framed Size 94cm x 124cm

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.


Night Swim

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