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Taking Risks

Life is all about taking risks, its the way we learn and grow, feel fulfilled. Remember when you took your first steps? Well you probably don't but when a baby takes his first steps he is taking a big risk. Will he be able to get to where he wants to go without falling and hurting himself. Is the risk worth it when he can actually get to where he wants to go by crawling. Thats a skill he's already mastered and wont result in injury. But ultimately he does take his first steps and very soon after he is running (non stop so it seems!)

As with many things in life, If we want to move forward we need to be prepared to take risks.

For me, the last few months have been full of risk taking where my art is concerned, all in the hope of growing as an artist, creating exposure for my art and earning a reasonable income. I have invested in a 12 week art course to take my art practice to a whole new level. Ive participated in our local Open Studios program and advertised in a high quality Art Magazine to try and get my art known.

So why are these actions so risky? Well spending a lot of money on an art course is a luxury for me and what I would gain from it was unknown at the time of clicking that purchase button! Participating in Open Studios and advertising brings with it feelings of angst as I deal with the voice of fear inside me. Fear of rejection, fear of failing financially.

Even writing this Blog is a risk. Will anyone see it, read it? If someone does read it, will they read to the end? Will they leave a comment? Will the comment be a criticism? What difference will writing a Blog make anyway?

Of course, its the positive side of a risk which ultimately drives us to take the risk. This is the exciting part. For me, there's the overwhelming hope of better times ahead, satisfaction when a new skill is learned, the joy and relief when there is some financial return.

So here I go, one baby step at a time. Will it all be worth it? Time will tell, one day maybe I'll be running!

What about you, how do you feel about risk taking?

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Karen, having worked in a similar field has meant that risk taking hasn’t come easy and I’m certainly taking baby steps but who know what the future holds!


Great blog- as a person working with company financials, risk taking and spontaneity don’t come easily to me. You may just convince me to give it a try!


Thanks so much Traceyann, I’m glad you enjoyed the read.


I’m enjoying reading the blog posts, it is so generous for an artist to share their creative journey and spirit In such a readable and down to earth way. Thank you!

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