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Acrylic and drawing media on stretched canvas. Ready to hang.
122cm x 101cm

Framed dimensions 125cm x 105cm

Signed with a Certificate of Authenticity


Tropical plants weave and dance as they jostle for light amongst the canopy. The Title of this painting came from a Phil Collins album of the same name which coincidentally I had playing on several occasions whilst this painting was in progress. It wasn't until the painting was complete that I realised the album cover was the same colours. Blue and Orange, one of my favourite colour palettes for a painting that is definitely striking and would be a statement piece in your home.

This painting has lots of movement and big areas of colour. At the same time it beckons you to get in close to look at the many patterned, textured and tonal variations within each area.

This painting is framed in raw oak which tones beautifully with the warm oranges and tans and at the same time makes the blues pop!

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.


A fun piece exploring shape and colour with some botanical elements. Standing back the image of elephants appear as if they are standing under the trees in the garden. Perhaps they are playinh hide and seek??


Layers of colour scratched back to show whats underneath, shapes within shapes and different styles of line all attract the viewer to want to explore it closer.


This artwork would sit comfortably in a family room, living room or anywhere you would like a pop of colour.

Dance In To The Light

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