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Acrylic and drawing media on stretched canvas. Ready to hang.
122cm x 91cm

This artwork comes with a warm blond hardwood frame. External measurements are 126cm x 95cm 

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.


Triple Primed Poly Cotton - The substrate is extremely smooth and gives a beautiful sheen to the painting.

I am surrounded by bush where I live and it provides an ever changing backdrop both visually and audibly. In the early hours of the morning it is a hive of activity as the numerous species of birds coo and cackle over their breakfast treats. In the heat of the day it is more tranquil as they shelter in the canopy of leaves.
My artworks are characterised by an array of mark making. I draw into wet paint to create leaf markings and lift other ares to reveal underlying colour which gives a sense of depth to the piece.
Framed in a gorgeous warm blonde hardwood float frame, this artwork would look beautiful in a bedroom or any living room in the home.

Greens Leaves

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